Welcome to Wild Pitch Consulting!

At Wild Pitch Consulting we help our clients develop a strategically targeted marketing campaign to:

  • Increasing the exposure of your company to a worldwide audience.
  • Develop and strengthen branding awareness
  • Understand your target audience to build relationships, interact and engage
  • Increase the relevant traffic
  • Increase ROI
  • Build community around your business
Wild Pitch Consulting offers Social Media Training or full service Social Media Management.

Comprehensive Social Media Assessment & Plan

Success in social media doesn’t come by chance – and it certainly doesn’t come overnight. It all starts with a plan; and the Comprehensive Social Media Assessment will help you formulate the perfect one.

We will start with a guide to where you want to go, and work through it and identify your goals, find out where your organization currently sits on the social media spectrum, and learn the challenges you’ll have to overcome and tactics you’ll have to employ to achieve your objectives and experience consistent success in social media.

Social Media Training Packages

Our expertly designed Comprehensive Social Media Assessment & Plan gives you a roadmap. Now, let us be your guide up that social media mountain by training you and your staff.

Have a plan of your own? We’ll evaluate your plan, answer your questions and guide you to achievements you never thought possible with social media.

Strategic Planning Web Conference  $500

Schedule a one-hour, one-on-one web conference. Ask unlimited questions. Get straight answers from the experts. Uncover the how-to’s and tips and tricks from your existing strategic social media plan.

Individual or Small Group Coaching — $750 & up

There is a lot to cover in social media marketing. You have more questions than a small amount of time will provide. And you don’t want to waste effort haphazardly searching the web for answers to questions that will still leave you scratching your head.

Or you have a small group with various assignments and priorities who need knowledge and training on social media marketing and optimization.

This three-hour (two 1.5-hour sessions) webinar will help you or a small group understand your social media marketing plan, uncover the how-to’s, tips and tricks with real answers from real experts on marketing within social networks.

Social Media Corporate Training & Consulting (contact us for quote)

Sometimes the best way to train is to sit down with hands-on consulting and training. Our Corporate Consulting & Training package is a perfect fit for the company that understands the need to have a team with unified knowledge and training for effective branding and communications on the Internet.

Gather personnel from your operations, customer service, sales and marketing departments for an in-house, full or half-day training on implementing your social media strategy correctly, efficiently and effectively across multiple departments. Learn how to set-up and implement a corporate social media policy that works and build that buzz…the right way!

This Corporate Consulting & Training package can be tailored to your needs.

Social Profile Management Packages

Whether you need basic management of your social profiles or full social media marketing management, we have a package for you.

You could spend hours daily responding, posting and engaging. And you want to update technical details about your brand, get a contest or marketing campaign off the ground.

Who has time for that? We DO!

Basic Package — $750/month & up

Your very own basic monthly social media maintenance package includes:
Two status updates/day on two social media networks (client to provide content)
* Basic profile maintenance and management on two social media networks
* Monthly strategic consulting

Pro Package — $1,500/month & up

Get all the monthly management and maintenance of the Basic Package and more. This monthly social media management package includes strategic consulting, reputation monitoring plus even more communication with those who matter most — your fans and followers.

Your Pro Package features:
Four status updates/day on three online social networks
* Basic monthly maintenance and management on three online social networks
* Audience building on three online networks = more fans and followers
* Reputation monitoring on three online networks
* Statistics and reporting
* Bi-weekly strategic consulting

Custom Deluxe Package — $3,500/month & up (contact us for quote)

This comprehensive monthly social media management package is designed for corporations or for clients with an established, large social media presence. Our team works closely with your marketing department to manage your online social media world.

Your choice of four social media platforms and a company blog.

Features may include:
* Weekly strategic consulting on engagement, viral strategies, ad-hoc campaigns, contests and integration of social applications
* Contest/campaign creation and planning
* Audience engagement
* Audience building
* Reputation monitoring and management
* Statistics and reporting
* Content creation and distribution
* Customer service
* Ad campaign management
* Blog management and more

Contact Wild Pitch today to see how we can help you.

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